First, you will have to visit Carnac in the Bay of Quiberon, which belongs to the Club of the most beautiful Bays in the world. 

Carnac possesses a world-famous neolithic museum. Its lines of menhirs are made up of more than 3000 stones (9000 in 1900th century). In the vicinity, you will find magnificent tumulus and dolmens. 

You will also surely be appealed by the Saint-Cornély Church (Renaissance) and the numerous surrounding chapels. 

If you are looking for relaxation, don't forget the Yacht-Club and the five fine-sandy beaches. You also can go fishing or hicking along the footpathes which follows the coastline (sentiers des douaniers).

After having a dinner in one of the neighbouring restaurants or crêperies, why not go out to Carnac's Casino ? 

Stressed? Enjoy being pampered with a cure at the Thalassotherapy (seawatertherapy) ! 

Golfers will be attracted by the golf course of Saint-Laurent (7 km away), the course of Baden (15 km), Ploemeur, Belle-île-en-mer...

La Trinité-sur-mer

La Trinité-sur-mer, 3 km away, is one of the biggest marina of the Atlantic and a real paradise for sailers. Many well known skipper lives here.

The rough shore of Quiberon

Go and admire the rough shore of Quiberon (17 km), seize the opportunity and visit the canning factory "La Belle-Illoise". On your way back,dawdle on the huge beaches of Plouharnel (7 km), domain for surfing, fly-surfing, sand-yachting...

The islands

Morbihan's Gulf is a little landlocked sea strewn with crowds of islands which offers the most eccentric countrys ides in Brittany. Visiting the Gulf, by boat of course, is a must.

The village of Locmariaquer (8 km), at the entrance of Morbihan's Gulf, preserves important megalithic monuments such as the big broken menhir 20m50 high, the table of merchants and the dolmen Mané-Lud. The foreland of Kerpenhir gives you a superb view on the Gulf's bottleneck.   

The islands

Don't forget to spend a day on one island :
 - Belle-île-en-mer will charm you with its splendid footpath along the coast, its museum and its big lighthouse (one of the most powerful in Europe).
 - Arz is a delight for hikers.
 - The hatching museum (Eclosarium) of Houat and the living museum (Ecomusée) of Hoëdic will take your fancy.
 - Groix and its natural reserve "Pen-men" is a little paradise.
 - L'île-aux-moines and its mediterranean vegetation should not be missed.
 - Southern Larmor-Baden, take the boat to visit Gavrinis which shelters an impressive cairn.


Nearby cities

In Saint-Philibert (5 km), dawdle the chapel from the17th century, dedicated to the seamen. Then, hike along the new coastpath which begins at the sailing club and ends at the foreland of Mané-er-Bellec (5 km long).

Auray (8 km), city of arts, attractes with its port of Saint-Goustan -16th century. Nearby, the basilica of Sainte-Anne-d'Auray is the second famous place of pilgrimage after Lourdes.  

The old city of Vannes (18 km), gathered round the cathedral of Saint-Pierre is very pleasant to go shopping. Have a visit to its aquarium, its house of butterflies and its palace of automates. 

The half-island of Séné

The half-island of Séné protects in its biologic reserve very rare species of shorebirds. Join Belz (12 km) and at sunset, visit the island of Saint-Cado and its chapel from the 11th century. 

Further away

The citadel of Port-Louis (18 km) whose construction was started in 1590 by the Spanish, contains the museum of the "IndiesCompany" and the national museum of the Marine.

The castle of Josselin and its basilica of Notre-Dame-du-Roncier will surely impress you. 

Finally, Concarneau and its old enclosed city, Pont-Aven which is the city of artist painters, Quimper and its pottery and also the wild foreland du-Raz are all located at only one or two hours from Ker Kristal !